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Veteran radio host, television and film writer and producer, advertising copywriter, columnist, author and college prof.

"The first, entitled Miracle Max and the Panterrivel, is an Indiana Jones meets Dr. Who adventure that dramatizes Nature's retaliations over unprincipled corporations who steal and exploit common resources. Max is a journalism student who debunks miracles for “Skeptic Magazine.” He is thrust into a confrontation between an amoral and sadistically destructive land developer and a mystical protector of a hidden corner of the Amazon – the Panterrivel. Max must confront alterations of time, reality and the mystic’s power to unleash Nature’s furies.

"The second, 'Until I came back, I didn’t know I was gone, is a memoir written during Pacific's Nonfiction MFA progra. It, interprets the personal and societal destruction of Post Traumatic Stress.

"The third is Noise in the Barn and Other Stories. Short stories for soon-to-be-enlightened children,” a collection of stories developed as his children grew.

"Forth, the Tang of Plum Wine is set 20 years after Japan surrendered to the allies. It is a coming-of-age story about ayoung American Disk Jockey whose Rock ‘n’ Roll show intended for GIs appeals to Japanese youth.

"The fifth book is an autobiography of Ryszard Kapuscinski, the Polish Hero Journalist whose PTSD forced him into the most treacherous reporting imaginable.

"Three other books are currently being researched: The Loves of Rousseau, the Clipper Ships, and a sequel to Tang of Plum Wine."

Article by David Case

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