Regenesys — "The Regenesys regenerative fuel cell module is a utility-scale energy storage system based on the regenerative fuel cell. It stores energy electrochemically. All fuel cells produce electric power by oxidizing a fuel electrochemically. Primary fuel cells can produce power, but regenerative fuel cells can also absorb power and reverse the electrochemical reaction. The first Regenesys plant is now under construction at Little Barford on the UK’s Bedfordshire/Cambridgeshire border, alongside Innogy's combined cycle gas turbine power station. The system has been designed to work in the range from 5 to 500 MW or more and for discharge periods from a few seconds to 12 hours or more. Its high speed of response makes it suitable for many different applications on a power system. The Tennessee Valley Authority of the USA has also started construction of a similar plant at Columbus, Mississippi. It will be used to reinforce the power system in an area of weak distribution." (

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