Wind Power.

Windmills have been around for hundreds of years. Now called wind turbines, grouped in windfarms, they are the fastest-growing source of energy. One of the world's largest, the Stateline Wind Generating Project, extends across the Oregon-Washington Border. 450 turbines supply electricity to more than 70,000 homes and businesses. The evolution of turbine technology has made wind power more profitable and safer; smaller rapid rotors have given way to slower moving, larger blades, capable of self-monitoring and of adjusting their direction and blade angle for maximum efficiency. The larger design has also solved a problem that has plagued windfarms for years -- the accidental deaths in significant numbers of birds that fly into the fast rotating blades.

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Elsam Horns Rev Wind Farm. The largest offshore wind farms in the world.
In the summer months of 2002, Elsam constructed the world’s largest offshore wind farm at the Danish west coast. The wind farm is sited 14-20 km into the North Sea, west of Blåvands Huk, and represents the first phase of a large-scale Danish effort to produce non-polluting electricity from offshore wind turbines. Make sure to navigate to the video and pictures.

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