The Pillars Brand Analysis Tool

The brand is difficult to describe. Ask someone to describe the Nestle brand. They might sing you a jingle or talk about chocolate milk. What they won't be able to tell you are the myriad of thoughts and ideas, small and large, colors and pictures, words and phrases that go into their notion of the brand.

Here's what I mean.

Name an oil. OK. Penzoil. Now saute some herbs and garlic with several chunks of catfish. In Penzoil!? Poisson-chat ala Penaoil? Not too appetizing. Neither is "Crisco. Race bred for the most demanding punishment."
Problem is, how do you show a client, or potential client what his brand "looks like" to his customers, to his competitors, and to his staff.

Here's a tool. The Pillars Brand Tool. (TM)

The fist thing you do is visit the Reader's Guide to Periodicals at your library. (Nowadays, it's online.) Next, you visit with the PR company. You visit the sales office. You read the ads. You talk to management. Slowly, you'll be able to piece together an idea of the brand and the fundamental attributes of the brand. These form structural components that metaphorically can be said to "hold up" the brand. Now envision this as a Greek structure, a Doric temple. Each of the pillars that supports the brand is decorated or described and modified in many ways, and is no doubt supported or instantiated by images, slogans and messaging.

Click for a large picture of the Temple of Poseidon.

Pillars Online Brand Analysis Tool (TM)

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